Fishing in the Dordogne Region of France: A Guide to the Best Spots

If you're a keen angler and you're planning a fishing trip to France, the Dordogne region should definitely be on your list of destinations to consider.

Fishing Regions of France
Simon Palmer

Published: May 5, 2023


This area of southwest France is known for its beautiful countryside, charming towns and villages, and rich cultural heritage. But it’s also an angler’s paradise, with a wealth of rivers, lakes and streams that offer some fantastic fishing opportunities.

Fishing Spots in the Dordogne

The Dordogne River is the largest river in the region, and it’s famous for its carp fishing. Carp are one of the most sought-after species in France, and the Dordogne is home to some truly impressive specimens. The river is also home to other species such as pike, zander, catfish, perch, roach, and bream. Fishing for these species can be very rewarding, but it’s the carp that really draws anglers to the region.

There are many great spots along the Dordogne where you can set up your fishing gear. Some popular locations include the stretch of river near the town of Beynac, the area around the village of Domme, and the section of river that runs through the town of Bergerac. These areas offer some excellent carp fishing, with plenty of big fish to be caught.

If you prefer lake fishing, there are also many great options in the Dordogne. The Lac de la Jemaye is a beautiful lake located in the heart of the region. It’s surrounded by woodland and has a sandy beach, making it a great place for a family day out. The lake is stocked with carp, pike, perch, and roach, so there are plenty of options for anglers.

Another popular lake for fishing is the Lac de Causse. This large lake is located near the town of Brive-la-Gaillarde and is home to a variety of fish species including carp, pike, zander, perch, and catfish. There are many places to set up your fishing gear around the lake, and there are also boat hire options available if you want to explore the deeper parts of the lake.

In addition to the Dordogne River and the many lakes in the region, there are also plenty of smaller streams and rivers that offer some great fishing opportunities. These smaller waterways are often less crowded than the larger rivers and lakes, and they can be a great place to catch some of the less common species that inhabit the region’s waters.

One thing to keep in mind when fishing in the Dordogne is that the rules and regulations can vary depending on where you are fishing. It’s important to check the local fishing regulations before you start fishing, as there may be restrictions on certain species or areas. The Fédération de Pêche de la Dordogne is a great resource for anglers looking for information on fishing in the region, and their website ( is a great place to start.

Local Attractions

In addition to the great fishing opportunities, the Dordogne region has a lot to offer visitors. The area is known for its stunning natural beauty, with rolling hills, lush forests, and winding rivers. There are also many historic towns and villages in the region, each with its own unique charm and character.

One of the most popular towns in the region is Sarlat-la-Canéda. This medieval town is located in the heart of the Dordogne and is known for its beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage. The town has a lively market where you can find local produce and crafts, as well as many great restaurants and cafes.

Another great town to visit is Rocamadour. This stunning hilltop town is built into the side of a cliff and is home to many historic buildings and attractions, including the Chapelle Notre-Dame and the Grotte des Merveilles cave system. Rocamadour is also a popular destination for pilgrims, and there are many religious sites to explore in the town.

If you’re interested in history, you may want to visit the Lascaux Caves. These caves are home to some of the most well-preserved prehistoric art in the world, with paintings dating back over 17,000 years. The caves are located near the town of Montignac and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Dordogne region is also known for its excellent food and wine. The area is home to many vineyards that produce some of France’s finest wines, including Bergerac, Monbazillac, and Cahors. There are also many local delicacies to try, including foie gras, truffles, and confit de canard (preserved duck).


If you’re planning a fishing trip to the Dordogne, there are many great options for accommodation in the region. You could stay in a traditional French farmhouse or gîte, or opt for a more modern hotel or holiday rental. Many of the accommodation options in the region are located in stunning rural settings, offering a peaceful and relaxing retreat after a day of fishing.


In conclusion, fishing in the Dordogne region of France is a fantastic experience for anglers of all levels. With its abundance of rivers, lakes, and streams, the region offers plenty of opportunities to catch a variety of fish species, including some truly impressive carp. But the Dordogne is not just a great destination for fishing – it’s also a beautiful region with a rich cultural heritage and excellent food and wine. Whether you’re an avid angler or simply looking for a relaxing holiday destination, the Dordogne has something for everyone.