Recept B+ Hard Hookbaits



These are extra hard, durable, sinking hookbaits made with Recept B+ Base Mix and added hardeners to perfectly match our Rascal boilies and other products in our Recept B+ Range. They have a tough, nuisance fish-proof skin and are designed to withstand the attentions of nuisance fish species and crayfish.

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Recept B+ Hard Hookbaits are designed for fishing in conjunction with the Recept B+ Boilie Range.

Recept B+ Hard Hookbaits Properties:

  • Hard, durable, nuisance fish and crayfish-proof
  • Smooth, garlic, natural shellfish profile
  • Soluble attractors & proteins ensure year-round potency
  • Available in 14mm & 18mm
  • Profile and colour-matched to Rascal Boilies
  • Contain the same ingredients & liquids as Rascal Boilies


14mm = 50 baits per pot

18mm = 35 baits per pot

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14mm, 18mm


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